Gender Hurts

Available May 23rd, 2014

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Anonymous asked: So I'm misogynistic for saying Jeffries looks like a man but you're not transphobic for saying all trans women look like men. typical radfem double standard. Anyway, if you can't address my points and only hurl insults, then clearly you're the clueless one.

it’s because SURPRISE! Trans women are men!

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Anonymous asked: If I'm honest Sheila Jeffreys looks more likely to be biologically male than most trans woman i've seen. But anyway, not every little girl goes through child abuse, molestation battery etc, and those things can happen to little boys too so I don't see your point about trans women never coming close to childhood female oppression. But there are plenty of issues where cis men and women are not oppressed but trans people are. e.g. trans people getting disowned by family? That's the cis privilege.

You are misogynistic, basic, and don’t understand class analysis. 

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Anonymous asked: All of those things past the childhood section are applicable to trans women (rape, domestic abuse etc) Plus all trans women face issues beyond those of cis women, like far more society and job discrimination, even from cis women, and higher suicide rates (even before they transition) due to alienation. If you think transitioning is so easy, why don't you tell cis women to become trans men? it's legal in many places, and once they're done no one will be able to tell they're female.

Okay. I am going to try and slowly explain this to you.

Women are oppressed on the basis of being female. Trans women, are male and do not experience this and can only come close to experiencing it if/when they are viewed by someone who incorrectly assumes they are female. By the time a little girl survives childhood, there so many things that she has already had to endured, by the sheer fact, she is female. This is something that trans women will never, ever, ever experience. 

The suicide rate does not go down post-srs and if that was a “treatment” this would be the case. 

It think that transition is a medically unethical practice, and if you really think that nobody can clock you even after srs and hrt, you are fairly delusional.

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Anonymous asked: You are making up theories with no evidence. Give me one example of a case in which trans women have some privilege or advantage over cis women.

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Anonymous asked: the privilege given to those born female is to not be considered a freak, mutant and outcast of society for the biological condition that makes people want to change their sex.

The biological reality of being female does not even grant you the opportunity to be viewed as a human being, there is no privilege afforded to those born this sex. Your physiological condition and subsequent medically altered body does  go against the grain of normalized society, and yet in many cases it still conforms to societal expectations and in fact often embraces the societal expectations that are forced upon the female class. You can play oppression olympics all day long, but your focus on making women submit to your role-playing is ultimately creepy, predatory, and mis-directed. 


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Use by men of feminine pronouns conceal the masculine privilege bestowed upon them by virtue of having been placed in and brought up in the male sex caste. If men are addressed as ‘she’, then all this privilege, which affects their speaking position and may be crucial to their choice to be ‘women’ in the first place, is disappeared.
Gender Hurts by Sheila Jeffreys (via genderheretic)

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Anonymous asked: hey there i've got a really cool gift for you! it's called, CIS PRIVILEGE

and what are the privileges afforded to those born female? 

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Western culture is founded on the notion of sexual difference: the idea that there is an essential difference between men and women, expressed in the behaviours of masculinity and femininity and their attendant practices. It is so dominant and all pervasive, allowing little place for alternatives, that the idea that women can positively “choose” the practices which express this difference makes little sense.
"Beauty and Misogyny" Sheila Jeffereys  (via kingcobracommander)

(via transgender-harms-women-deactiv)

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Hi all, the latest ridiculous smear piece about radical feminist gender criticism, particularly Sheila Jeffreys and Gender Hurts, can be found below. This one even goes so far as to compare her to eugenecists, and to include odd and inappropriate references to her partner’s appearance. Please help us out by commenting on the piece in support of Jeffreys, and by emailing Overland Journal at to let them know that this kind of fact-twisting is unprofessional, inappropriate, and misogynistic.